So what are the symptoms?

So this is one of the hard parts of being a woman with PCOS – having difficult and sometimes near-uncontrollable symptoms that can be a source of embarrassment, lack of self-esteem and isolation for many.

Well we can tell you now – YOU ARE NOT ALONE – with around 1 in 10 women with PCOS there are many of us who have unfortunate signs of the condition, it’s just that we’ve spent so very long believing that it was just us, that no one understands and as a result we spend years suffering in silence…

Well – NO MORE – do not be ashamed of your symptoms; they may not be ideal but shit happens…having excess hair or some extra weight do not define you – neither does your PCOS…you are all fantabulous women who just happen to have a problem with polycystic ovaries.

Whether you are a teen struggling with PCOS in addition to puberty hassle, a mum waiting for a child and is desperately trying, or a gorgeous gal struggling to shift that weight for your ideal beach bod despite all your best efforts, this is your time to accept and embrace PCOS; keep your chin up, be loving and true to yourself, help yourself and continue being your wonderful self…this doesn’t change you as a person…it doesn’t have to mean the end of life as you know it…it’s something to deal with and keep under control so it doesn’t bother you as you go about your daily adventures!

To quote any number of resources on PCOS, the “classic” symptoms of the condition are:

  • Irregular periods – whether it is a lack of periods, unusual bleeding or an infrequent cycle it is most likely a result of your PCOS…it has been said that only 20% of women with PCOS have “normal” menstruation…ONLY 20%
  • Infertility – Problems conceiving often are the first sign for many women that they may have PCOS; it is true that PCOS can be problematic for those trying to get pregnant however many women manage to get their PCOS under control and successfully have children…so please do not panic or give up hope!
  • Hirsutism/Excess hair – this occurs in approximately 70% of women with PCOS – NEVER worry that you are alone with this, the majority of women with the condition have issues with excess facial and body hair…damn that testosterone!
  • Issues with weight – Around 40-70% of women with PCOS are overweight and it is one of the biggest issues we tend to face; hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance mean we are susceptible to gaining weight but also that is if much more difficult for us to lose weight…to make it worse being overweight has a tendency to exacerbate PCOS symptoms…it’s a vicious cycle!
  • Thinning hair/hair loss – Or male-pattern hair loss (however you want to sugarcoat it) some women can develop bald spots in relation to their PCOS…So we have to be “too hairy” or “less hairy”…great!
  • Oily skin and/or acne – Just when you thought you had escaped the dreaded teen skin and acne of ages past…no…due to your hormones being out of whack and causing chaos to your body it’ll take its toll on your skin…many women with PCOS suffer with oily skin and acne of varying degrees too.
  • Abnormal blood chemistry – In addition to hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance women with PCOS appear to have high levels of “low-density lipoprotein” aka “bad” cholesterol and low levels of “high-density lipoprotein” aka “good” cholesterol.





2 thoughts on “So what are the symptoms?

  1. FATIMA says:

    Hi, thank you for this website it has lots and lots for useful information.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years back and I have been doing my best to understand it all.
    I am on a healthy eating lost weight for a healthy BMI and so on my periods also were in some type of order.

    I was on dibex but stopped after I went on my holiday.
    after I return from my holiday in Feb. I lost more weight but I haven’t been my periods for 3 months now, I done a blood test and ultrasound sound and my doctor advise me everything was fine, I still have the cyst but all my vit and hormones were on track (which was great news) my only worry is that I still haven’t seen my monthly in over 3 months and that worries me I’m trying my best to keep active eat right and take my vit c but nothing I sometimes get those pain and think ok this might be them but it has not came back.

    I this normal to miss 3 months could it be my travel or weight loss (about 15kg)
    I hope you can advise me or recommend something I can do for so

    • littlemissmagickal says:

      Hi Fatima,

      Thanks for your comment – I’m so pleased you have found the site helpful for you. As PCOS is still being explored as a condition there are many things that are still unknown and it is a fair amount to get your head around and understand.

      Firstly, of course, I am no doctor and everyone is different so what may work for one person may not help another, but I can share my thoughts based on personal experience if that helps.

      There can be a number of reasons why you haven’t had a period for a while, it’s one of the more frustrating aspects of PCOS (I find). I have always struggled with the regularity aspect of periods particularly – can have a good phase of monthlies and then for no noticeable reason I’m back to symptoms only and no period for several months.

      Your period can be affected by changes in weight or stress so it is possible that this has had some affect, but it is not completely unusual for this sort of irregularity with PCOS. I would suggest that you keep note of this all (particularly when you think you may start but haven’t) so you have a record of what’s happened and how long it’s gone on for, as I would recommend you go to your doctor to discuss your concerns, particularly as you mentioned that you had started to get your cycle in some sort of order.

      Best of luck. If you want to talk through anything feel free to drop me a line: 🙂

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