Does this sound like you?

If you have read all this and are thinking – “This sounds just like me!” then do not stress…

If you think you may have PCOS or have yet to be formally diagnosed now is the time to take action (trust me UK GPs don’t seem to be that forthcoming or knowledgeable about the condition yet) so it is up to you to make things happen!

If you have at least two of the aforementioned symptoms then you can officially be diagnosed as having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Your first step should be going to your GP to discuss your symptoms, your problems and what you think is going on with your body…a good GP will talk these through with you and advise you well…they should refer you to a specialist for an ultrasound to confirm this diagnosis…if they don’t suggest this then I would advise asking outright about it (I had to push my GP for a referral – it was only because my mum had PCOS that they decided to follow through)..the ultrasound will confirm if you have polycystic ovaries as a chain of cysts can be seen on the scan.

Sometimes, however, a diagnosis is given without the ultrasound; this often comes in the form of blood tests.  These blood tests will check your glucose, cholesterol and hormone levels to see what is going on internally that may be causing your symptoms.

As mentioned there is no cure for PCOS however many have found, myself included, that just knowing you have it is sufficient to help you focus on managing the condition and controlling the symptoms so you can get on with life!

You are NOT alone – join your PCOS ‘cysters’ for the best support out there for ladies living with, managing and coming to terms with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome…


Your PCOS ‘cysters’ know what you are going through – we have to be there for each other…show your support and spread the PCOS word.


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