Wednesday Wisdom – it ain’t easy but it’s worth it…

I came across this one recently and had to share with you all – what a fantastic reminder to focus on your happiness and take life for all it has to offer. image


Wednesday Wisdom – Don’t let a flat tyre get in your way!

Not only did I get an actual flat tyre on my car the other week but I have real trouble with not letting the negatives or the little things slow me down or deter me from my goals…

So naturally as this particular one spoke to me I had to share it with all of you too for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom…

Don't give up - wednesday wisdom

Ahhh hellish hormones – help me!

As you will likely know all too well, PCOS = hormonal imbalances, but how does this affect you in your day to day life?


Obviously everyone is unique and will subsequently have different symptoms, feelings and experiences when it comes to hormones, so today I’m going to get personal and share my perspective – maybe you can relate, maybe not but then it’s an insight into a different perspective which can be useful too! Continue reading