Wednesday Wisdom – things happen for a reason

Don’t let things slow you down or hold you back; get out there and live life 🙂 Wednesday wisdom everything happens for a reason


Diets Deconstructed – The Master Cleanse

Welcome back cysters and fellow wellness enthusiasts to our #dietsdeconstructed series, it’s been a little while.

It is officially ‘beach body’ season (if we need to even think about that concept and the myriad of things wrong with it that is!) so everywhere you seem to turn there is some new diet trend to try, some hot new exercise class or slimming bathing suits – it’s summer madness I tell you!

So for those new to the diets deconstructed series a quick note – these posts are in no way promoting a particular diet plan or method; I’m not a medical professional and since everyone is different (even those of us with PCOS) I’m not about to provide a one size fits all solution. These posts are simply a way to break down and explore the different diet trends we keep hearing so much about so you can know what all the hype is about, of course there really is no substitute for good old fashioned healthy diet with lots of water, vegetables and fruits as part of a balanced diet. J

Let’s get down to it, this week – #DietsDeconstructed – The Master CleanseContinue reading

Give your morning smoothies an extra kick…

Hey cysters!
So as you know from the blog here I’m a fan of Green Smoothies as a way to boost my fruit, vegetable, vitamin and mineral intake whilst ensuring I have something for breakfast to sustain me; I’ve been a nightmare for choosing extra time in bed over breakfast so this healthy on-the-go alternative works for me!