#FitnessFun – Zumba

So it’s time for a new series on Harmony with PCOS, this time we’re going to be looking at different ways to get fit and keep fit as part of #FitnessFun – so be sure to share your thoughts and stories about your favourite ways to exercise!
To begin with we’ll start at the end of the alphabet with one of my personal favourites… Zumba® fitness.

Okay, so chances are you’ve heard the word “Zumba” thrown around, as it’s grown in popularity over the past few years, but what exactly is it?
A dance based fitness class that uses Latin rhythms to bring a party atmosphere to a high-energy aerobic workout. Within a standard hour class you will find a variety of world rhythms and a fun cardio workout with elements of interval training that mean should have a varied exercise program.
Zumba is a workout that has been developed for everyone and as a result does not have a prerequisite where you need to be able to dance or be super fit already, the aim is to have fun and constantly keep your body moving in order to develop your skills and fitness. This is why you will see a variety of people taking part; people of all abilities, all shapes and sizes all looking to shake their thing, after all the slogan of Zumba is “Ditch the workout, Join the party!”
Check out this video to give you an idea of what Zumba is all about:
With moves that repeat and routines that encourage participants to let loose and throw all their energy into movement which is why people become devoted to the fitness program and find it much easier to stick to regular exercise. It’s not for everyone as I know many people who can’t stand the thought of routine based exercise or anything resembling dancing as it means some coordination is needed.
There have been numerous debates about the merits of Zumba as an effective workout due to the relaxed nature of classes, however studies have shown that it is an effective total-body exercise; a high-energy aerobic workout that is also good for core strengthening and flexibility.
Personally I have fallen in love with Zumba over the past few years as someone with a dance background it has been a fantastic way for me to try and get into shape in a fun way. Whilst I’ve done the gym programs and other classes in the past, I can’t say I enjoy running on a treadmill as a way of working out – so shaking my booty to some fab tunes is a no-brainer! There are variations for most routines in classes and your workout depends on how much energy and enthusiasm you throw into it too so you can push yourself to get a solid workout. I have found that with my weekly classes I’ve become fitter and have lost some weight which has helped some of my PCOS symptoms too. I’ve enjoyed this all so much that I have even trained to become an instructor and at the beginning of this year became qualified and am about to start my own classes to help share the fun and help others to get fit with an atmosphere of no body shame or embarrassment. I can’t wait to get going! 🙂
Have any of you guys tried a Zumba class? How did you find it? Tell us your stories by leaving a comment below…

2 thoughts on “#FitnessFun – Zumba

  1. Chelsea says:

    Oh this is a really nice series to do. I feel like so many people think working out means sweating on the boring treadmill for a miserable 60 minutes (can you tell how much I hate it lol). But there is so much more to fitness and exercise and I really believe there is something out there for everyone!

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