#FitnessFun – Our exercise survey says…

We all have been told of the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, I mean it’s impossible to escape all the ‘new year, new you’, ‘weight loss success stories’ and ’10 tips for your bikini body’ articles in magazines or segments on the TV, but you should probably know that exercise is even more important for ladies with PCOS in order to help manage your symptoms.


Now I don’t know about you, but I have gone through every kind of emotion when it comes to exercise from completely pumped up and motivated to try and squeeze in exercise as much as humanly possible, from total self-loathing when I am trying to stick to an exercise program but aren’t getting any kind of results – thanks PCOS – to the more prevalent feelings of ‘I’d rather chill out with a movie and some ice cream than work out tonight’… it really is hit and miss however I’ve finally (after many years battling with these feelings) reached a better place where I’m happy to be bopping about exercising as much as possible by doing fun-filled activities (like dancing) rather than being of the daily early-morning boot camp persuasion!
So what advice, tips, stories and insight about exercise do we have from fellow cysters? Well a survey of Harmony with PCOS readers has some answers for you to think about…

So what did people say were their primary reasons for exercising?

It should come as no surprise that feeling good was a pivotal factor in ladies wanting to embrace the exercise habit, the motivation to loose weight is also very important for ladies with PCOS (and probably for most people I’d imagine), and exercising in an attempt to improve overall health was the third most important reason for exercising.

But what problems or issues did people say prevented them from exercising?

It seems like many of you lovely Harmony readers have similar issues and excuses to those I have been guilty of using in the past – the ongoing struggle to get motivated; this one is tricky but I always try to remind myself that there comes a point when things shift and you find yourself getting into a routine and addicted even to the feel-good aftermath of exercising.

Then there is the cost of gyms, equipment or classes – they do seem to mount up if you want to try a few different classes, I know I prefer classes to running on a treadmill in the gym, so I find that investing in a few good dvds that will allow you to workout at home are helpful here. Alternatively keep an eye out for gym membership offers, pay as you go deals or basic memberships that allow you to use the facilities as you wish.

 Of course this is easier said than done as another top excuse or issue for lacking in the exercise arena is the struggle to find the time to exercise. If you are trying to juggle a family, a career, school, hobbies or anything else that may take up time this is a tricky one, we all know that finding the motivation to get to the gym after a long day in the office can be difficult, however it always comes down to the old saying of ‘There are 24 hours in a day’, everyone has the same amount of hours in a day and it is down to you as to how you use these – do you use your time to pursue your passions, focus on your career or try to look after your body, better your health and wellbeing? Getting up an hour earlier can allow you to squeeze a session in, utilise lunch breaks or fit small bursts in your week wherever you can – remember something is better than doing nothing, just get that body moving! 🙂


What words of advice or wisdom do readers have for others when it comes to exercise?
  • “Find something you enjoy”
  • “At home workout systems are amazing! You do them in the privacy of your own home.”
  • “Start small and do what you are comfortable with, not what everyone around you is comfortable with.”
  • “I would advise enjoying the outdoors; walking, cycling, running as well as eating 3 meals a day rather than munching. And drink lots of water!”
  • “Go with a friend – you can nag each other!”
  • “Personal training sessions give you a good boost but diet needs to be addressed too.”

Me and a variety of lovely ladies at a recent Zumba session – great fun with friends, what workout?

So there you have it – if you have trouble trying to fit exercise in or getting yourself psyched up to get physical you are not alone! Stay strong, think positive and take those steps – no matter how small you think they may be!
Do you have your own stories or tips about exercise? Why not share them with the Harmony with PCOS community by commenting below…

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