Wednesday Wisdom – get things done…

 We all need reminding from time to time that it’s okay to not have, do or achieve everything at once; to not be perfect or the best at something quickly. I know I’m particularly hard on myself for this type of thing sometimes.

But hey it all has to start somewhere right? And if you’ve made a start, well, you’re making progress and you are already better than your were or ahead of where you were, from there it’s about preserving to reach your goal, whatever it may be.

So I’m intrigued ladies what things have you started or would you like to start that scared you, made you overthink or worry before taking that step?

Keep going and do your best – after all that really is the most and the best thing you can do for yourself!


My personal PCOS story…

Hello dear harmony visitors, so we’ve been sharing some feel-good vibes with our Wednesday wisdom series and spreading the PCOS awareness with the other information available on the site for a while now so I felt it was time to share a bit of my own little world with you so you can put a face to the harmony with PCOS name and understand more about why I created this blog.


So how did I first discover PCOS? It all began during that wonderful time we all fondly remember as puberty, from the age of 12 I begun to experience all the typical signs and symptoms of a regular period but with none of the physical release that would mean a ‘normal’ menstrual cycle. In addition to this I had terrible acne all over trying various medications, homeopathic and over-the-counter remedies to shift it with little to no effect. Personally I have been lucky and did not experience issues with hirsutism (excess hair or facial hair) growing up however how my mother and I survived my mood swings over the following years still baffles me! As you will know from some of your own experiences the incontrollable nature of imbalanced hormones can leave you feeling on edge, ready-to-snap or burst into tears at any second and irrational beyond belief – then throw in teenage mood swings and hormonal challenges and you’ve got one hell of a party! Continue reading