Lust have of the week – Studded cat eye sunglasses

Now I don’t know how it is in your part of the world but here in the UK we’re finally starting to see signs of Spring as the sunshine has started to appear – okay, so it’s still pretty chilly but at least it’s bright outside!

And it’s with this in mind, and perhaps a holiday on the not-too-distant horizon, that I have been looking into some stylish sunglasses.

Which brings us to the lust have of the week courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

I have a penchant for retro styling, an incredible disposition towards anything with studs (or sparkles but that’s another matter!) and am a sucker for big diva style shades so these cat eye studded acetate sunglasses from Prada are right up my street.

Prada studded cat eye sunglasses

Unfortunately this designer label means big money and I’m not in any position to be spending hundreds of pounds of a pair of sunglasses that will only come out for the occasional holiday or infrequent sunny spells so these will remain firmly on my wish list for now…

So for now let us lust and love these fabulously fierce sunglasses and work out what outfits they’d look great with whilst doing some serious researching online to find a more affordable alternative…

Prada studded cat eye sunglasses side



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