Wednesday Wisdom – how people treat you

An interesting thought for today; whilst it may not be true in every case,  it certainly holds true more than we imagine.

Remember this and think about how you can treat yourself and others better to change your world… Continue reading

Contraceptive Pills

PCOS and… the pill

Over the past year I’ve been experiencing mood swings and hormonal chaos like never before, I’ve been to the GP a number of times with disappointing results. Once again the UK health system fails to recognise any of the symptoms of PCOS and the impact it can have on someone’s life – instead it’s talked around, buzz words are bandied around and symptoms are attributed to 101 other things.

The only thing that has been suggested to me is swapped what contraceptive pill I’ve been prescribed. Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom – Never too old…

I’m always setting new goals for myself and trying to learn new skills, but sometimes it becomes all too easy to get negative and be down on yourself thinking you can’t do things for one reason or another, that you should give up on something just because you’re in a different place in your life.

Well today I say – NO MORE!  Continue reading