Lust have of the week – TV weekend bag

After a brief respite Lust have of the week has returned to HarmonywithPCOS and my inner (and occasionally outer) shopaholic couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been looking for a cool overnight/weekend bag for some time now, something that’ll be perfect for trips to visit friends or family, to take as hand luggage on a flight or just a super sized bag for when I decide to carry my entire house with me!

This funky retro TV bag is from Truffle Shuffle and seems to be the right size to meet this criteria at approx 18″ x 11.5″ (4.5″ deep). It has a detachable shoulder strap so can be used as a big bag or as a weekender easily.

I love the design of the retro TV test card screen, but it turns out you can event slide your own photo into the screen if you wanted to personalise your bag even more!

Retro TV weekend bag

I’ll be adding this weekend bag (at only £36.99) from Truffle Shuffle to my shopping wish list so I have it ready for my next flight!


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