Club and catwalk classics celebrated at V and A museum

Club to catwalk at the V&A museum

Celebrate the best of the 80s as London’s V&A museum goes from club to catwalk in their new fashion exhibition. Through more than 85 outfits the exhibition showcases the biggest looks from a decade renowned for eclectic style, experimental designs and incredible theatricality.

The V&A museum is famed for having fantastic fashion exhibitions; showing iconic outfits from individuals such as Grace Kelly or David Bowie to encapsulating the magic of an entire decade in a series of outfits there is always something fabulous to check out.

V&A exhibition

The lower floor of the exhibition focuses on the work of specific designers who really made a name for themselves in this period: Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Wendy Dagworthy and Betty Jackson – all of whom have continued to push boundaries and have created many more iconic looks across the years.

Once you’ve taken in the entirety of the lower floor designs it’s time to head on up to the upper floor, which looks more generally at styles from the period. Tracing the evolution and diversity of British fashion throughout the 80s you’ll see iconic styles such as New Romantic, New Wave, High Camp, Punk, Goth and the more unusual BodyMap style.

Adam Ant costume

And yes, you will see an outfit or two from famous faces of the period – outfits worn by Adam Ant and Leigh Bowery are also featured in the exhibition.

When visiting the exhibition you sometimes get the impression that the curators were faced with quite a challenge in bringing this all together. Despite there being some monstrous pieces (well, not my sort of thing anyway!) the designs have been excellently curated into an immensely interesting exhibition and with additional videos from numerous 1980s London Fashion Weeks, it’s a surprising delight.

What’s more, for just a fiver, it’s a great way to spend time with a friend having a look at the creative chaos of 80s fashion and having a bit of a giggle as you optimistically hope your mum/dad/aunt/uncle/anyone didn’t wear these outfits 25 years ago! But something I have noticed is the number of people who have told me they remember seeing people actually wearing these outfits on the streets of London is remarkably high and for many this exhibition brings back fond memories of a powerful period in British style and culture.

I definitely recommend a trip to check out the exhibit (as well as seeing all the other wonderful sections of the museum) and if you do go make sure to check out the museum’s fashion shop – it’s lovely! Don’t panic – there is plenty of time to arrange a visit – Club to Catwalk is running until 16th February 2014 at the V&A museum, London.

Have any of you been to the exhibit already? Maybe you’re planning to go? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the exhibition and/or the styles from the period…


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