Wednesday Wisdom – Bad day or bad life?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is for anyone who may be having a hard time right now…

I’ve been feeling a bit down about various things recently – a combination of hormones, depression and random life circumstances – however this little piccy is something that I have to remind myself whenever it feels like it is too much, when it feels like I’m completely alone or like there is no way it’s ever going to get better… Continue reading


Wednesday Wisdom – something good in everyday

Sometimes it’s all too easy to let the little things get us down…

Sometimes we think the whole world is against us or that we are undeserving of happiness or anything good…

We may let one comment change our whole mindset or we can feel incredibly alone and insignificant even when we have friends or family around us who care… Continue reading

Diets Deconstructed – Atkins

The Atkins Diet:

The granddaddy of them all this diet plan was devised by Dr Robert Atkins in 1972 and reached new levels of popularity in 2002 upon the release of “Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution” when it was championed by numerous celebrities including Jennifer Anniston, Demi Moore, Gerri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, Renee Zelwegger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Continue reading