Diets Deconstructed – a new series

Hello ladies,

Welcome to this new post which will become an ongoing feature in the Harmony with PCOS blog…‘Diets Deconstructed’ will be an ongoing series looking at diet programmes; the rules, the restrictions, the results and the lasting effects.

Diets, they really are EVERYWHERE – there’s no escaping it…diet tips, tricks and the latest weight loss craze are shown everywhere – on TV, in magazines and of course online…but what do you really know about these diets?

diets deconstructed

That’s where ‘Diets Deconstructed’ comes in – Here at Harmony HQ I’ll be looking at the various diet programmes that are making the headlines; looking at the details of what these diets promise, how they work and the lure for us PCOS gals…

I’m sure many of you have thought about trying these at some point – or even taken the plunge and tried them already – so I’d love to hear your thoughts about your dieting experience and the various plans as we make our way through this series.

Dieting is such a huge part of many people’s lives…Did you know:

  • The average 45 year old woman has been on approximately 61 diets in her life?
  • The average woman spends 31 years dieting?
  • The average man spends around 28 years dieting?
  • Over a tenth of the UK population are on diets?
  • The average diet lasts around 5.5 weeks?

These figures are the tip of the iceberg, and show just how diets are becoming central to our everyday lives, it’s worrying…children as young as 10 are trying diets as they fear being overweight…

Many people become obsessive when it comes to food and weight…people panic about putting on a few pounds; try fasts, fad diets and all manner of weight loss pills in the hopes of loosing weight quickly…it’s a slippery slope…

So we here at Harmony HQ are saying NO MORE!!! This is NOT healthy, diets can take over your life; becoming all you think about, all you ever talk about – something needs to be done to address this…

Now I’m not saying that all diets are abhorrent plans concocted by Hollywood or the modelling industry…Diets can prove beneficial when helping to change your attitudes to food; they can make you feel great whilst helping to modify your lifestyle – but let’s be honest…how depressed do you find yourself when you stop your ‘amazing new diet plan’ only to find the weight creeping back on at twice the speed?

Diets aren’t the way to go – a lifestyle overhaul is…but a structured plan may be what you need to help kickstart your new way of eating!  I know I often benefit from that extra push when it comes to diet…but it’s about finding something that works for you – remember everyone is different; we have different needs, lifestyles, budgets, tastes that should be accounted for when looking at diet plans…

healthy diet

And of course – Remember to always consult a nutritionist or doctor before going on any diet plan.


So watch this space as we begin our latest feature…


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