Wednesday Wisdom – how do you see yourself?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is a lovely image that has been doing the rounds online for some time now…but nonetheless it’s beautiful message remains… Continue reading


Diets Deconstructed – a new series

Hello ladies,

Welcome to this new post which will become an ongoing feature in the Harmony with PCOS blog…‘Diets Deconstructed’ will be an ongoing series looking at diet programmes; the rules, the restrictions, the results and the lasting effects. Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom – live as you please

Sometimes we all need a little reminder…I know I certainly do – this one is the background on my iPhone so it can act as a constant reminder…

Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t wait until later, don’t let other people get you down…it’s hard but we all deserve better – we deserve the live the life we love, and the life we choose! Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom – double dosage!

Hi there cysters!

Apologies for the lack of a Wednesday Wisdom post last week – I was away working at an event Tues-Thurs with no access to my laptop – we have since been reunited and I couldn’t be happier!

So to make up for this neglect please enjoy this double dosage of Wednesday Wisdom to brighten your day, inspire you and remind you of the good things in life! Continue reading