Famous faces – celebs with PCOS

Famous faces with PCOS or PCO:

So if you’ve had a look around at the wealth of information here at Harmony HQ you will know just how common PCOS in women; I mean it is estimated that over 5 million women in the United States have the condition, and 1 in 5 women in the UK are affected by the condition…and these are just the women who know about it!  PCOS can often go undiagnosed and frequently is misdiagnosed…making it more difficult for women to get information, support and help for the condition.

Considering how common PCOS is, it remains somewhat of a mystery to the general public (and sadly some health professionals too) – it is our job to educate them and raise awareness about this condition and how it affects our lives.

There have been a number of celebrities who have recently revealed that they have suffered with PCOS themselves; although the majority of these women choose to stay quiet regarding their struggle with the condition and only speak out about it when discussing fertility problems and successes.

I am all for people in the public eye to retain a sense of personal privacy and mystique however when they have personal experience with particular health problems or conditions I think it is always great when they put their own interests aside and use their position of influence to share information about these, raising awareness and promoting a cause; we are slowly seeing more women open up about such issues and concerns so watch this space for news of fellow PCOS ‘cysters’.

Rebecca Atkinson:

Rebecca Atkinson as Karen in Shameless
Rebecca Atkinson as Karen in Shameless

This British actress and model was born in 1983 and has been involved a number of high profile TV shows including: Heartbeat, The Bill, Doctors, Holby City, and Coronation Street – however it was her main role as the feisty Karen Maguire in Channel 4’s Shameless that catapulted her into TV stardom.

So what has Rebecca said about her troubles with PCOS?  In an interview with the Daily Mail she discusses how she discovered the condition, her response and her concerns for her future fertility:

“The revealed a little imbalance hormonally, but he [her GP] said that it wasn’t enough to diagnose me with PCOS, so he sent me for an ultrasound scan of my ovaries, which confirmed I did have it…I’d always suffered irregular periods, sometimes as long as nine months in between, but it never worries me.  I did a lot of dancing growing up which kept me thin…but I’ve got random black hairs on my face and light downy hairs on my chest.”

But she remains optimistic now following her diagnosis and is determined to just get on with her life.

The gorgeous Rebecca Atkinson at the TV awards
The gorgeous Rebecca Atkinson at the TV awards – Showing how fabulous ‘cysters’ can be!

Jools Oliver:

The beautiful Jools Oliver speaks out about her fertility struggle
The beautiful Jools Oliver speaks out about her fertility struggle

Mrs Jamie Oliver is a published author, former model, TV runner and PA and full time wife and yummy mummy.  She seems to have an idyllic life, the perfect family and has had 4 children (Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom and Buddy Bear) so who would have guessed that the woman who is so well known and celebrated as a mother had problems conceiving – and problems that stemmed from PCOS?

So what has Jools said about her troubles with PCOS?  In an interview with the The Telegraph she discusses how she discovered the condition, her response and her struggle to have the family she craved:

“I had always known about my possible problems with fertility because I’d had irregular periods from the age of 16.  My doctor had confirmed that I had Polycystic Ovaries and that they might cause me problems later in life.  But Jamie and I had pushed those thoughts out of our minds, hoping that doing all the textbook things would be enough to conceive…it was with a heavy heart that each month went by with no sign of a pregnancy…”

After a number of disappointments “Sitting on the loo for the millionth time, your bum numb, willing the second blue line to appear” Jools and Jamie decided to seek fertility treatment to help them to get the family they had always wanted.

Jools made the decision to take Clomid, a drug that stimulates ovulation she says of her time on the drug:

“I had all the side effects…dizziness, panic attacks, blurred vision…I was determined to get the thing done. It was awful, but I just thought ‘keep going’.  I’m sure any couple that had been through fertility treatment understands what I’m saying.”

For Jools Clomid proved successful, so much so she went on to use it again when trying for more children – now after the emotional and physical ordeal Jools and Jamie are happy parents to 4 wonderfully healthy children.

Jools and Jamie Oliver with their beautiful family
Jools and Jamie Oliver with their beautiful family

Jools discusses in detail her fertility struggles in her books, but it is comforting to know that famous faces like hers have the same problems as we do, and suffer the same heartaches and frustrations.

Victoria Beckham:

Victoria Beckham at the Viva Forever premiere in London
Victoria Beckham at the Viva Forever premiere in London

Yes, that’s right Mrs. David Beckham suffers from PCOS…but you certainly wouldn’t know it to look at her!

Victoria has kept pretty quiet regarding her PCOS and it only seemed to crop up when discussing her pregnancy and fertility issues…but then there is always so much more going on with her, David, their careers and tabloid rumours that this is often put on the back burner!

It is important however to note that Victoria Beckham has been under mass media scrutiny over the years and criticized for her svelte and skinny frame – a problem that the majority of PCOS gals don’t face…

Victoria at the start of her Spice Girl career and more recently
Victoria at the start of her Spice Girl career and more recently

But if you look at photos of Victoria in her early years you can see that she is not naturally this petite – the pressure to look good in the public eye is immense and if I had her fortune I’m sure I could hire nutritionists, personal trainers and personal chefs to ensure I’m eating all the right things and doing the right stuff to help me stay slim too!

The Beckham family out and about
The Beckham family out and about

And even though she did struggle to get pregnant the Beckham family are now blossoming with 4 healthy children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper….again showing the possibility   for women with PCOS – it can happen for you too.




16 thoughts on “Famous faces – celebs with PCOS

  1. FellowCysterNow says:

    I got diagnosed with PCOS when I visited a doctor a week ago for abnormal hairfall and a missed period. I’m slender, and my hormone tests only showed a slightly less than normal level of estrogen. My Vitamin D levels were way low, though. It wasn’t anything conclusive, so the doc asked for an ultrasound of my ovaries and boom. PCOS.
    I’m 19. I get called a hairy freak when people notice the facial hair. And the hair on my feet and toes.
    I used to have really thick and silky hair that is now about a fifth of the thickness it used to be.The hairfall is one of the worst aspects, right alongside the excessive body hair growth on my face and stomach.
    My conservative parents question (putting it lightly) the contraceptive pill treatment and androgen suppressors that my doctor prescribed, so I amn’t on either.
    I’ve been dealing with depression for three years now, not knowing that it’s a symptom too. I hope it gets better.

    • littlemissmagickal says:

      I’m sorry to hear you had problems trying to get a diagnosis – it’s so frustrating when you know something is not quite right but people can’t get to the bottom of it for one reason or another. I hope you realise though there is a fabulous community (particularly online) of women with pcos and pco symptoms who can not only provide advice and inspiration but listen and share stories with you. 😊
      It’s comments like this that make me feel so exasperated at people and society generally – no need to make such horrid comments about excess hair! No one is totally hairless (unless medically so) everyone has hair, unfortunately we pcos gals tend to be more prone to darker and embarrassing sprouting of hair – a total contradiction from the hair thinning symptoms of pcos too.
      The best thing you can try to do for your body (particularly if any hormone treatments or contraceptives aren’t an option) is focus on improving your diet (there’s a page on pcos friendly foods) and increasing/expanding your exercise regime – this really can help ease the symptoms a little and I have found, personally, that it has helped boost my mood (I too had clinical depression for many years) and Im feeling like I can try and keep going nowadays rather than flailing and giving up. Stay strong and remember you are beautiful and worth it! X

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